Top 10 Reasons to Hire Scott Robertson Auctioneers

David Letterman isn’t the only one with a Top 10 List. Here’s Scott’s. It gives you 10 great reasons why he is the best benefit auctioneer and raises millions for worthy charities.

Scott Robertson open hand clapping SWFL Wine Fest 20151. Enthusiasm
Enthusiasm is contagious! Scott is always enthusiastic – with a zest for life that will certainly affect your attendees in a positive way! He has a tremendous stage presence that will captivate your audience and have them eager to participate in your event.

2. Experience
With over 20 years of experience in the benefit auction business, Scott has conducted hundreds of benefit auctions raising millions of dollars for a variety of not-for-profit organizations, schools and charities each year. He is constantly seeking new and innovative methods to create the necessary buzz and excitement required to maximize the revenue for your organization. Each event is unique and special. With Scott’s broad range of experience he will work with your committee to customize the event to raise maximum proceeds for your cause.

3. Clarity
As a Florida Auction Bid Calling Champion and frequent competitor in the International Auction Bid Calling Championship, Scott prides himself on his clear auction chant. He fully engages the audience and keeps them entertained while “keeping his eyes on the prize” maximizing the revenue for your organization.

4. Audience Analysis
One of the keys to Scott’s success is his ability to sense the ever-changing emotional climate of the attendees and modifies his approach accordingly. Subtle changes in the audience must be recognized and resolved immediately and in a positive fashion.

5. Ambassador
Scott fully understands the hard work and dedication the auction committee has provided throughout the year to make certain the event is a success. He always completes his “home work” on your cause, organization or school far in advance of the event so that he can be an ambassador for your group. One of his most valued assets is his ability to bond the auction attendees with the purpose for the fundraiser. Most auctioneers can be good bid callers with proper practice. Scott is the complete package that will have your attendees enjoying this year’s event and looking ahead to next year’s event. An important but often overlooked aspect is that not everyone that attends is going to buy or even place a bid. But everyone needs to feel appreciated for attending and understand what they can do for the organization.

6. Knowledgeable
With 20 years of experience and hundreds of benefit auctions under his belt, chances are whatever situation arises, Scott will know the best method for handling the situation. Always an innovator and quick thinker, he has a knack for keeping the audience on their toes and excited about event.

Audience having fun at charity auction7. Fun
Fun is the name of the game in the successful benefit auction business. If your event is not fun – and time seems to drag on – the profits for this year’s event will fall short of its goal and your ticket sales for next year’s event will suffer. Scott’s enthusiasm and infectious personality will have all attendees engaged and looking for ways to help the cause.

8. Maximum Profit
Most organizations work on a fundraising event 364 days and 22 hours. The most critical time of the event is the 2 hours they are not in control, which is the live auction. If you wish to derive maximum profit for all your hard work, hire the professional benefit auction team of Scott Robertson Auctioneers to ensure your success.

9. Professional
Scott looks good in a Tux and he knows how to wear it! He is a consummate professional that understands the need for professional interaction with everyone involved in the event. His keen sense of humor helps everyone to feel at ease while maintaining a professional climate.

10. Follow up
A critical component to the success of any event is the debriefing meeting that occurs within a week of the event. Scott always records his thoughts after each event and he does it while they are still fresh on his mind. He will provide a similar checklist for the auction committee to reflect on. What worked? What didn’t work? How can we improve next year’s event. Most organizations have one to two fundraising auctions each year and their committee of volunteers draws their auction knowledge from these experiences. Scott has been in the fundraising auction business for years and annually conducts over 75 benefit auctions. By strategically working with your committee he can eliminate many mistakes made by the most well intentioned committee members.

This list may contain the number 10, but there is only 1 number you really need to remember: (239) 246-2139. It’s his direct line and he is looking forward to receiving your call.

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