Sound System – The Foundation for Success

Scott Robertson & sound technicianAn often neglected element at a charity auction is the sound system. I cannot emphasis enough the importance of having a professional sound system in place the day of your event. And the sound check should be conducted prior to the arrival of the guests.

Do not rely on the in-house system. They were designed for a single person to speak to a group of quiet attendees and at a charity auction the last thing you want is for the attendees to be quiet. And don’t plan to use the sound system for the music entertainment.  Sound systems designed for a band blend the instruments for better overall sound; sound systems for auctions support the clarity of a single voice.

Yes, there is a cost involved in a professional sound system – but it’s well worth the price. It gives the auctioneer flexibility and mobility while working the room and the crowd. It also assures every word spoken will be heard.

Auctions should be fun and loud. A professional audio system will assure bidders know exactly what’s going on at all times. That means they will be more likely to bid and raise bids – and that equates to a sound investment.