Celebration Music

We all realize music adds drama to special occasions and events. After all, what would a wedding be without “Here Comes The Bride” playing on the church organ? How scary would the movie Jaws be without John Williams’ heart-pounding “it’s-coming-after-you” notes? Or how exciting would the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade be if the marching bands were silent as they walked in step pass the massive crowd of on-lookers?

Music adds a lot to our lives. And the same can be said about benefit auctions.

Playing music between items at auctions is incredibly effective. It engages attendees, encourages them to bid and helps to maintain momentum, while at the same time adding fun and excitement to the event.

The last thing a benefit auctioneer wants are people sitting on their hands just waiting for time to pass so they can make a graceful exit. Music gets them “Dancing in their Seats” and can get bidders in the proper frame of mind to participate and that increases the charity’s bottom line.

Winning bids should also be celebrated and the easiest way to do that is with music. It also provides a transition period – a musical bridge between auction items – and gives the auctioneer and his crew time to reset as they ready the crowd for the next item – all without missing a beat.

The timing of the music should not be left to novices. The professionals who set up the audio system for the auction have the equipment and the expertise necessary to handle the musical accompaniment during the live event. The technician and the auctioneer will work closely together to assure the music fades in and fades out at just the right time.

Remember, benefit auctions must be fun events. By playing upbeat music throughout the course of the auction, and especially at the appropriate times, will guarantee your special day will hit all the high notes with those in the room.