Why do we need a virtual gala?

Why do we need a virtual gala, can’t we just put our auction items in an online auction and people will give?

Well, the short answer to that is yes; if you put your auction items in online people will buy them. the problem is for how much. See, a typical silent auction item on a national survey says that they’ll donate between thirty to thirty five possibly forty percent of the fair market value. The reason you need a virtual gala is to get all your supporters gather together virtually, digitally to support your cause. Get them excited get them fired up and then when you have your live auction items during your virtual gala our studies show that they’re gonna bring in 90%, 100%, 110% maybe way more than that and it’s all because of the focus that you were able to put on that virtual gala. So, can you put them online and earn 30 to 35 percent yes but, the question truly is will it be enough to sustain your charity? Virtual galas focus your supporters to give in a meaningful way.