Can we just ask our supporters to make donations to our organization and eliminate the hassle and expense of a virtual gala?


The short answer once again is yes you can. The problem is will it work. Here’s
what I find; there’s a lot of organizations that had to cancel their gala and they’re like look we’re just
gonna ask our supporters to donate to our organization. Then when I checked with them a couple of weeks later and
asked how they did they’re shaking their head saying, “we got about 20% of how much we needed.” See the virtual gala brings everyone together motivated to support your mission. If you just make the ask it just doesn’t work very
efficiently. The same reason that you host a traditional fundraising gala is the same reason you host a virtual
fundraising gala. that you want to gather everyone together and get people to bid
and support the organization as a collective group. Not one or two by asking them for donations. If you can ask
people for donations and they’ll donate you the money, perfect! You do eliminate the hassle and expense, the problem is in the not-for-profit world this usually doesn’t happen. Give a virtual gala a try. I’m willing to bet you’ll be glad you did.