Our regular fundraising auctioneer is nice and really funny, why shouldn’t we use them for our virtual gala?


 You know, in the fundraising auctioneer world there’s a lot of different skill sets. In the virtual auctioneer world there is a huge list of skill sets that have to be involved in order to be successful. So, what I find is yes I’m an on-screen talent for virtual galas but really what I am is I’m the person that orchestrates all the elements that come together to make an efficient, effective and entertaining virtual gala.  I’ve got hundreds of hours of figuring out how to make all this work. If your fundraising auctioneer is a nice personality, funny and great that’s all good but who’s gonna fill in the blanks for all the other information that’s needed? There’s only one way to get experience and that’s to be actively involved. If your fundraising auctioneer doesn’t have virtual experience but wants to give it a try, chances are you need to go with the pro that knows