Benefit Auctioneer & Virtual Fundraising Expert

Virtual Fundraising Gala

The SRA team is nationally recognized as one of the experts on virtual fundraising galas.
After hundreds of hours of research, creativity, and experimentation we can host a virtual gala for a NPO anywhere in the United States!  For your event, our team will take care of many of the aspects needed to make your virtual fundraising gala seamless and successful.
SRA has assembled a team of specialists who can offer virtual gala services to a NPO regardless of geographical location including:

  • Charismatic Virtual Fundraising Auctioneer
  • Talented Emcee/Co-Host
  • Seamless Production and Broadcast
  • Inspiring Videos of Your Organization
  • Detailed Script Writing
  • Customized Entertainment
Much like a traditional gala, the NPO will need to contribute and plan for audience development, event marketing, auction items and more.


Live Benefit Auctioneer Services

When you hire our Professional Fundraising Auctioneers for your event, you get high caliber service for every aspect of your event.  You’ll have full access to our consultation services in addition to our night of event services.

Services Include:


  • Access to the SRA VALUT – A password protected site offered only to SRA clients. This site is filled with instructional videos, informative blogs and templates that can be used to make your event run more smoothly.
  • All consultation services


  • Early arrival for sound check
  • Emcee for your silent auction
  • Auctioneer for your live auction
  • Ambassador for your special appeal
  • Professional Auction Assistants
  • Celebration music for the live auction
  • Recording sheets for live auction and special appeal


  • Consultant/Auctioneer participation in the debrief meeting
  • Planning for next year


Hiring Scott Robertson Auctioneers at the beginning will assure a successful conclusion in the end.