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The Importance of a Sound Check (Video)                                              The Day After an Event is No Time to Relax

Four things to remember for the Event Planner (Video)                     16 Tips & Tricks for Auction Chairmen

Three Questions that Determine Event Success (Video)                     The Role of Board Members at a Fundraising Event 

The Timeline (Video)                                                                                  Eight Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Auctioneer

The Most Important Meeting (Video)                                                     4 Things to Remember if You’re In Charge of the Event 

Lighting (Video)                                                                                          Let’s Not Call It “Fundraising” – Joan Garry

Auctioneer’s Microphone (Video)                                                           High Profit Party Boards – Kathy Kingston 

Be Entertaining, not the Entertainment  (Video)                             Winspire- The Golden Hour of Fundraising Auctions

Change is in the Air (Video)                                                     Winspire- 8 Email Campaign Tips for Fundraising Events  –

Confidence (Video)                                                                                     Fundraising Auction Planning Guide

Creating the Atmosphere (Video)                                                            How to Handle Criticism – Joan Garry

First Time Fundraising Events (Video)                                                 Story Telling Elements – Joan Garry

The Role of the Auction Chairman (Video)

Practice Makes Perfect (Video)

Auction Committee (Video)

Themes (Video)


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