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Start your Live Auction with a Bang (Video)

Bidder Card Template – This template will assist you in creating a bidder card which your attendees can use to participate in the live auction and special appeal.   Please note:  These bidder cards work best printed on 8.5 x 11 white card stock.  

The bidder card template is a three part template:

  1.  Instructions –  This guide provides instructions on how to create your bidder card
  2. Mail Merge Document – This is an excel spreadsheet.  You’ll need to have a list of attendees with a bidder number assigned to each.
  3.  Bidder Card Template – Using mail merge, your spreadsheet will automatically populate this template to create bidder cards with a professional appearance.


Live Auction Slides TemplateThis template allows you to create slides for your live auction items in Power Point, using the formula we recommend according to best auction practices. 


The articles/resources below are provided by Winspire 

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