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The Importance of a Sound Check (Video)                                              The Day After an Event is No Time to Relax

Four things to remember for the Event Planner (Video)                     16 Tips & Tricks for Auction Chairmen

Three Questions that Determine Event Success (Video)                     The Role of Board Members at a Fundraising Event 

The Timeline (Video)                                                                                  Eight Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Auctioneer

The Most Important Meeting (Video)                                                     4 Things to Remember if You’re In Charge of the Event 

Lighting (Video)                                                                                          Let’s Not Call It “Fundraising” – Joan Garry Consulting

Auctioneer’s Microphone (Video)                                                           High Profit Party Boards – Kathy Kingston 

Be Entertaining, not the Entertainment  (Video)                                 The Golden Hour of Fundraising Auctions -Winspire

Change is in the Air (Video)                                                                      8 Email Campaign Tips for Fundraising Events  – Winspire

Confidence (Video)                                                                                     Fundraising Auction Planning Guide

Creating the Atmosphere (Video)

First Time Fundraising Events (Video)

The Role of the Auction Chairman (Video)

Practice Makes Perfect (Video)

Auction Committee (Video)

Themes (Video)


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