Some people talk as if their life depended on it.
Scott Robertson talks so that others may have a better life.

Scott Robertson is a full time, Professional Benefit Auctioneer – the “Ringleader of Fun” – the “Emcee of Entertainment”, the person who keeps the audience engaged for hours all while keeping his eyes-on-the-prize, maximizing the revenue for the charity that hired him to be their voice.

You worked hard to create the perfect fundraising event. Months of planning. Days of worrying. As one of only a very limited number of professional, full time, benefit auctioneers in the United States, Scott can bring all your planning to a successful, money-raising conclusion.

With Scott at the top of his game – you’ll have a stronger bottom line. That’s why when it comes to benefit auctions Scott Robertson is “The Voice of Experience.”

BAS, CAI, FAA, NAA designations