Charity Auctioneers

Are you organizing a fundraiser for your not for profit organization? Could you benefit from a helpful consultation and expertise based on practical, real auction experience? Need a charity auctioneer that you can count on to meet or exceed your fundraising goals?

If so, we understand how stressful your job can be. Just think about this. How much easier would your job be if you could find experienced fundraising consultants that you could turn to for answers? And what if they:

  • Provided extremely helpful advice such the proper time line for your event?
  • Have 20+ years of experience in facilitating benefit auctions with great results?
  • Helped countless other schools, charities, and non-profit organizations routinely surpass their goals?

Ask yourself this question:
“Is it worth investing in professional auctioneers with proven track records of shattering fundraising goals or is it better to ‘wing it’ and see if we can make a little money without a pro?”

When you’re ready to stop worrying and ready to take your fundraiser to the next level of success, we’re here to help!

For more than 20 years, Scott Robertson Auctioneers has been a leader in the fundraising business, conducting hundreds of charity auctions – raising millions of dollars for a variety of not-for-profit organizations, schools and charities every year. We’ll share best practices, provide fresh ideas, entertain and energize your audience, and leave your guests looking forward to your next event.

Certified Auctioneers Institute

Our auctioneers hold the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) designation which takes 3 years to complete and is the most respected professional designation an auctioneer can acquire. How does this benefit your cause? By reassuring you that we’re fully committed to being the best in the industry so that we can raise as much money as possible for your charity. We are full-time professionals and a life-long students of the game. Fundraisers aren’t just a ‘part-time gig’ for us…they are our livelihood!

Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS)

When considering an auctioneer for your event, don’t mistakenly think that “any fast talking auctioneer will do.” You wouldn’t hire a general family practitioner to perform heart surgery, right? Of course, not. You’d hire a specialist called a cardiologist. Like doctors, auctioneers specialize in different areas. What your philanthropic enterprise needs is a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist. A BAS is one who is specifically trained to aid you in coordinating a well-planned, well marketed auction and create a fun and exciting event that generates more revenue for your cause. Be sure to choose a BAS whose:

  • Enthusiasm is infectious
  • Knowledge is unsurpassed
  • Professionalism is unmatched

You work hard to create the perfect fundraising event. Scott Robertson Auctioneers will keep your audience engaged for hours all while keeping our eyes on your goal. We’ll help bring your planning to a successful, money-raising conclusion. That’s why when it comes to charity auctions Scott Robertson Auctioneers is “The Voice of Experience.”

Ready to take your fundraiser to the next level?

Contact us now for a consultation.

BAS, CAI, FAA, NAA designations

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